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About the Artist

Interdisciplinary sculptor, Babette Beaullieu, forges sculpture, installation and performance into a vehicle in which she takes a critical look at memory, impermanence and balance. Her organic sculptures have a visceral quality that is minimalistic, influenced by Zen Philosophy.

She has been commissioned to create sculpture for private collections throughout the U.S.; her performances entitled Memoirs of the Sistahood, has been performed in several major cities in the U.S. In this interdisciplinary work, she collaborates with her sister, Becky Beaullieu Valls, who is a dance choreographer from Houston, Texas. Layering of sensory memories is accomplished through on-stage art making, dance and film using both personal and universal themes. Her installations deal with cultural and personal objects, ritual and memory: collecting and shedding.  A couple of such projects include: Memoirs of the Sistahood: Chapter Four Sacred Trails(2013): an installation that creates a path of white dresses. Growth (2008) was a site specific installation in an overgrown yard after Katrina where a path of red women dresses were placed. The Portage Bike Tour (2018) she created in New Orleans followed an ancient pathway through the city.                                                               


Support for her work includes:  National Performance Network Residency Grant, Diverse Works Artspace Residency in Houston, Brown Grant, Louisiana Division of the Arts, the private collection of Sam and Jaque Cannon, private collection of Carlos Sanchez and David Finley, private collect of Bruce and Lou Steward.






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