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Portage Bike Roll


The Portage Bike Roll, created in conjunction with the Historic New Orleans Collection’s exhibition Art of the City: Postmodern to Post-Katrina, explores the art and architecture along the ancient portage route that connected the Mississippi to Bayou St. John and, by extension, Lake Pontchartrain. Situated on a natural ridge, this footpath had been used for trade by Native Americans for centuries before the French established New Orleans in 1718 where the French Quarter is today. The portage (ridge) extends from the northern corner of the French Quarter wandering down Esplanade Avenue and Bayou Road to Bayou St. John. Guided bike tours conducted by local tour guide, Cassidy Cooper, took participants on the five mile bike ride originally created by the late New Orleans architect Allen Eskew; Beaullieu added art and architecture recently developed along the Portage. 

Portage Bike Roll WWNO
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